Concours d'Caffeine

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Registration for the Tour d'Caffeine is open.

The Tour is open to the first 25 who register.

The Tour d'Caffeine travels through Southern Fairfield County to a lunch at the Redding Roadhouse in their outdoor patio.

Registration Form

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I want to register for the October 4, 2020:

The Tour d'Caffeine (fee)

Your $75.00 Tour registration fee includes lunch for two. If you would like bring additional guests to lunch, you may do so for $25.00 per person, Please enter the number of additional guests you would like to bring.

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The undersigned hereby tenders his / her registration to enter and participate in a certain event and, optionally, a related vehicle tour (The Concours d’Caffeine’s Tour d’Caffeine), to be held by The Concours d'Caffeine on October 4, 2020. The undersigned to participate in said events the undersigned, and his / her guests in the vehicle, do agree to:
  • Release The Concours d'Caffeine, The Concours Consulting Group, LLC., the Weston Westport Chamber of Commerce, The Westport Downtown Merchants Association, Brooks Brothers, Lux Bond Green and their owners, partners, officers, directors, employees, and  volunteers from any and all liability arising out of said events.
  • Release all other participants and officials from any and all liability arising out of their participation in said events.
  • Understand and accept that the information and photographs of the event may be used for publicity purposes or other commercial purposes by The Concours d'Caffeine, and hereby waive, release, and assign his/her private rights to the production, reproduction, and publication of any motion picture, photographs, images, or video film which depict his/her automobile participating in said events.
  • Understand and accept that photographs, video, or motion films of The Concours d'Caffeine may not be taken or used for commercial purposes without prior written permission from The Concours d'Caffeine.